Buy a sloop? Then read these handy tips first.

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Sloep kopen? Lees dan eerst deze handige tips.
Buying a sloop yourself? You certainly won't regret it. But read my handy tips first!

Sailing in a sloop is a real pleasure; especially with nice people on board. The advantage of a sloop is that it does not require too much maintenance. Sailing itself is also fairly easy; you do not always need a boating license (although there is something to be said for obtaining such a certificate).

Are you considering buying a sloop yourself? You're absolutely right, you won't regret it.

Buy a sloop

Do you suffer from jitters now that the days are getting longer? You have often rented a sloop, but now you want something different? Buying a sloop yourself offers you many advantages:

  • You can choose a boat according to your own taste.
  • Freedom! You can get on the water whenever you want.
  • You get more experience on the water the more you sail.
  • A sloop gives a home feeling, own equipment increases the sailing pleasure.

Owning your own sloop is a dream that can become reality for you too. 

Buying a sloop: tips

When you decide to buy a sloop, do not take it overnight. It is probably an investment for years, so do it right. I am happy to help you by means of a large number of practical tips. What do you have to pay attention to? First of all, consider the following points:

  • New or second-hand?
  • How big should the sloop be?
  • Attuned to which sailing area?
  • How much can the sloop cost?
  • Do you have time and inclination for a lot of maintenance?
  • Location of the sloop to be purchased?
  • Necessary exemptions and permits?

Buying a sloop: second-hand or new?

Are you in doubt: a second-hand sloop or a new one? There are pros and cons to both choices. I'd be happy to lend you a hand. Read about the differences below and consider what best suits your personal situation and wishes.

Advantages of the new sloop:

  • Connects perfectly to your wishes;
  • No flaws;
  • Warranty in service;
  • Beautiful appearance.

Disadvantages of the new sloop:

  • More expensive;
  • Decreases quickly in value (although sloops are relatively stable in value).

Advantages of a second-hand sloop:

  • Cheaper to purchase;
  • More choice due to larger offer;
  • Ship engines last a long time.

Disadvantages of a second-hand sloop:

  • Greater chance of regular maintenance;
  • Often no service and warranty;
  • Perhaps not objectively informed;
  • Chance of invisible defects.

Buy a sloop via marketplace

Are you opting for a second-hand sloop? Buying a sloop is perfectly possible via Marktplaats. It could definitely be a smart move to have a look around there. The offer is large and there are many good quality boats to be found. Keep in mind the following:

  • Always make a test run.
  • Determine your budget in advance.
  • Are there any damages?
  • Is the sales address reliable? View the reviews.
  • If the sloop is offered too cheaply, something is probably wrong.

Tips for buying a second-hand sloop

Because there are certainly risks associated with buying a used sloop, I would like to tell you more about it. I can completely understand if you opt for an occasion, but please note the following points:

Always make a test run first

When you buy a new jacket, don't you try it on first? After all, the jacket has to fit and also sit comfortably. This is no different with a sloop. It should suit you and give you a good feeling. Every boat feels and steers differently. What do you like? You will only experience this when you make a trial run.

What do you pay attention to during the sea trial?

  • Bring someone with experience if you don't already have one.
  • Does the control lever operate smoothly and directly?
  • Note the color of the smoke; blue smoke often indicates wear.
  • Does the boat vibrate excessively?
  • Note the wave motion.
  • Take an oil sounding at the beginning and at the end of the sea trial.

Ask critical questions

Be well prepared when you talk to the seller. Prepare well and ask questions that matter. I am thinking of, among other things:

  • What parts does the annual engine maintenance consist of?
  • What type of wax is the hull polished with?
  • Where, among other things, was the sloop sailed?
  • Also listen carefully when the engine is running: do you hear a regular and monotonous sound?
  • Does the cooling water flow well?
  • Which accessories are included in the sale?

Buy a sloop abroad

Of course you can also buy a sloop in Poland, Germany or another country. However, pay close attention to a few points:

  • property registration;
  • Insurances;
  • Transport;
  • Pay close attention if you do not master the foreign language.

sloop market

A good alternative to marktplaats is the sloepenmarkt. You will find a wide range of fairly young sloops here. The big advantage is that you can be sure that you are buying quality. The sloops are all professionally maintained. That is a big advantage when you buy second-hand. Especially if you are not a handyman yourself.

Behind the scenes of this market are two avid water sports enthusiasts, father and son. Besides buying sloops, you can go here for everything. Winter storage, financing, maintenance, repairs and insurance. Everything conveniently at one address.

Buy a cheap sloop

Buying a cheap sloop does not automatically mean second-hand. Sometimes new sloops are also fairly cheap. A number of water sports companies sell sloops for nice prices. This often concerns boats with an outboard motor. I have to say that the quality is usually pretty good. Think, for example, of the Poseidon sloop. Oudhuijzer sloops are also affordable.

small sloop

The size of the sloop also affects the price. If you are going to sail alone or with a few people, a small sloop is a perfect idea. You wonder which smaller sloop is recommended? I would like to tell you more about the Antaris.

The Antaris is available in smaller and larger models. Both are of very good quality. What are the characteristics of this type of sloop:

  • Very stable;
  • Rubber bumper on the side;
  • You can sit comfortably;
  • Integrated bathing platform;
  • Lots of storage space.

big sloop

With the Antaris sixty 6 sloop you really have the best of the best. If you want a spacious sloop, then this is definitely recommended. This lifestyle sloop has the following specifications:

  • Tough bow;
  • Mirror slopes inwards;
  • Very stable;
  • Lots of interior space;
  • Various sailing speeds possible;
  • Fixed bathing platform;
  • sunbed;
  • Possibility to sleep on board.

Type of sloop

A sloop is available in various colours, models and price ranges. Before you buy a sloop, it is wise to know a few things about it. Have you ever thought about an electric boat, or is that not an option? You may have no idea which is better, electric or diesel. View the main differences and features below.

More and more people are opting for an electric boat. And not without reason. The purchase price is usually higher, but sailing is much cheaper. It is also nice that sailing is much quieter. Finally, you are also doing the environment a favor by opting for electric.

Advantages electric:

  • Doesn't stink;
  • You never have to refuel;
  • Durable;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Clean and quiet.

Disadvantages electrical:

  • Sometimes difficult to find a charging point;
  • Less powerful;
  • Less action radius;
  • More expensive to purchase.

The choice is yours: electric or diesel. Also take into account the sailing area that you mainly choose. From 2020 only electric sloops will be allowed in the Amsterdam canals. If you often sail in inland waterways and narrow ditches, then electric is ideal. However, if you often opt for the big water, then you are better off with a diesel engine.

Electric boating: tips

This way of sailing sometimes requires some extra attention. However, this is absolutely no reason not to opt for electric sailing. The benefits are great. However, note the following points:

  • Fully charging the battery takes about 8 to 10 hours. So go sailing during the day and charge the boat at night. The next day you can enjoy yourself again from early to late! Your sailing behavior is of course decisive.
  • You can charge the battery in more and more places. In any case, this usually works at marinas and water sports associations.
  • Inspect the drive every year.
  • If the sloop has a wet battery, check the fluid level regularly.
  • Preferably choose a semi-traction or traction battery.

Dimension of the sloop

How big should the sloop be? Are you going out alone or in pairs? Are you taking your family with you? Day trips with friends? These are all factors that come into play when you determine the size of the sloop. Remember that with several people you really need more space. More people automatically means more stuff on board.

With or without a cabin sloop?

What is the purpose? An occasional day of sailing? Or do you also want to regularly go out for a week with the sloop? In that case, a cabin sloop is recommended. It is important to be sure whether you want a sloop with sleeping places. A sloop with a cabin also has disadvantages. The cabin takes up a relatively large amount of space.

Sailing with young children

If you have small children and take them with you while sailing, I have special tips for you:

  • A sloop with a cabin is nice when a baby has to sleep regularly.
  • No cabin? Arrange a different type of shelter for the children. A hood or possibly a parasol.
  • A reasonably deep cockpit is important for safety.
  • If there are crawling children, check the sloop for dangerous places.
  • Always put a life jacket on a child.

Which motorization is the most useful?

I have already discussed electric sailing with you. Of course there is also the choice between an inboard motor or an outboard motor. I think it would be best if I listed the pros and cons again:

Advantages of outboard motor:

  • Cheaper to purchase;
  • High horsepower;
  • Steering is very easy;
  • Screw disruption easy to tilt.

Disadvantages outboard motor:

  • Sensitive to theft;
  • Sometimes makes a lot of noise;
  • Less large tank;
  • Gasoline is quite pricey.

Advantages of inboard engine:

  • Economical in use;
  • Engine in the middle of the boat and therefore extra stable location;
  • Fairly quiet;
  • Little trouble with vibrations;
  • Big tank.

Disadvantages inboard engine:

  • High purchase price;
  • Engine and boat cannot be disconnected;
  • Screw disturbance difficult to remedy.

sailing area

I just mentioned the sailing area. Keep this in mind when purchasing a sloop. You wonder why? Do you mainly dream of sailing on the great lakes? Then the question is whether a sloop is the most suitable. If, on the other hand, you enjoy sailing through the canals, then a sloop is ideal. An area such as the Reeuwijkse Plassen is also ideally suited for a sloop.

Location of the sloop

Another point to consider when purchasing a sloop: where does it come from? You discover a beautiful sloop, but it is more than 100 kilometers away from you? Do you have a trailer at your disposal? Would you like to sail the sloop yourself? All factors to take into account.

Never buy!

There are sloops I want to warn you about. You should really ignore a number of boats. When will this be the case?

  • Open cabin - possibly stolen;
  • Cut control cables - could be stolen
  • Seller refuses to sign purchase contract - possibly stolen;
  • Never buy without a trial run;
  • Do not buy a sloop on dry land, you must feel it in the water;
  • A sloop that smells very bad can have moisture problems.

Which brands of sloop are there?

This is also a point to consider when purchasing your own sloop. There are many models available, each with their own specific characteristics. Well-known models are:

  • bass sloop
  • Borndiep sloep
  • Julia sloop
  • Victoria sloop
  • Piet Hein sloop
  • Van Wijk sloop
  • Interboat sloop
  • Bobsloop sloop
  • Lifestyle sloop
  • Corsiva sloop
  • Makma sloep
  • Antaris sloop
  • Maril sloop
  • Long weather sloop
  • Jan van Gent sloop
  • Enkhuizen sloop
  • lifeboat
  • chapter sloop

I would like to explain a few sloops a little further:

Piet Hein sloop
This sloop is somewhat reminiscent of the sloop that Norwegian fishermen use. Characteristic is the clinker hull with s-truss underwater ship. This makes the boat very stable in the water. This sloop certainly stands out because of the recognizable back and the authentic shapes.

Maril sloop
Always recognizable from afar by the special butt. The features of this sloop are:

  • Safe;
  • High quality;
  • Timeless;
  • Practical layout;
  • Lots of storage space;
  • High backrest provides great seating comfort.

Van Wijk sloop
This model sloop has a long history. I even have to go back to the first half of the eighteenth century for this. The boat is stable in the water. There are modern variants for sale, but certainly also models that are reminiscent of the past.

bass sloop
Developed by real shipbuilders. This is noticeable in the sloop. Solid, practical and wonderful to sail with. It is characteristic that the aluminum parts for the hull are used unprocessed. In addition, the welding is so high-quality that post-processing is unnecessary. Sleek, simple and yet luxurious.

Wooden kit
People who are handy can opt for a kit. That way you assemble a wooden bass sloop yourself. The boat sails well, is easy to steer and is very stable.

Jan van Gent sloop
With this kind of sloop you can go in all directions. Whether you want to sail through quiet canals or make speed on larger waters. The sloop has a striking appearance and is characterized by a high-quality finish. So very versatile.

Steel sloop or polyester sloop

Such a dilemma sometimes; do you go for sturdiness or appearance? There are people who swear by a plastic sloop, but a steel sloop is also a favorite of many water sports enthusiasts. Let me use my handy lists again, so clear.

Advantages of a steel sloop:

  • Lies comfortably on the water;
  • Less chance of damage, can take a beating;
  • Suitable for cruising on larger waters;
  • Cheaper;
  • High degree of authenticity;
  • Sloop with character;
  • Easy to board because the sloop is so stable.

I would like to mention that maintenance is important. You are probably not waiting for rust on the sloop.

In a moment I will specifically mention the advantages of a polyester sloop. First some special points for attention if you choose a steel boat:

  • Note the thickness of the steel. The plate thickness determines the strength of the hull.
  • The paint; maintenance is very easy when using a two-component paint system. Regular cleaning and waxing is sufficient.

Advantages of a polyester sloop:

  • low maintenance;
  • Strong sloop.

Always keep osmosis in mind. Fortunately, this problem is easy to spot. If you see blisters on the trunk, be alert immediately. What osmosis phenomena are they? As soon as you know this, you immediately choose the right treatment. That way you avoid major problems. Would you like to know more about maintenance? Then look at my website. You can also download our handy step-by-step plan here.

Tender sloop for the real sports enthusiasts

You like a sloop, but are you also thinking about a fast speedboat? Of course it has both, but they are two different boats. Buying a tender sloop might be a good choice. You go for a fast boat, but with comfort. View the features of this sloop:

  • Combination of classic sloop and speedboat;
  • Fast sailing sloop;
  • Sporty, yet a lot of comfort;
  • Luxury cabin with toilet, kitchen, sleeping places and storage space possible;
  • course steady;
  • Can sail fast and slow.

Sloop accessories for extra luxury

Accessories often give that extra bit of luxury. Let me first say: a lot is indispensable. Keep your budget in mind. Boating with or without accessories is fantastic in itself. The feeling of freedom… Splashing water against the bow… But what can certainly increase the fun?

  • Built-in toilet
  • Refridgerator
  • Counter
  • storage cabinets
  • CD player
  • sunbed
  • Leather upholstery
  • Luxury pillows

Where are sloops for sale?

Your conclusion is that you still want to buy a new boat? You will find water sports companies all over the country where you can go for a wide range of sloops.

Sloop rental before you make your final choice

Can't make a choice yet? Tender or no tender? Are you hesitating between a few models and a trial run is not enough? Then rent the relevant sloop for a day. You will have a good impression after one day. That way you really buy the sloop that suits you.

I wish you a lot of sailing pleasure!