Rent or buy a folding trailer? – 28 tips

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Vouwwagen huren of kopen? – 28 tips
Avoid disappointment and prepare well when you want to buy or rent a folding trailer. 28 tips!

Are you planning to purchase or rent a folding trailer? Then read these handy tips first. This way you avoid disappointments.

Tip 1: Rent a folding trailer

I can imagine that you would like a camper van, but that you are still somewhat unsure about the purchase. Does it really suit us? Would the kids like it? I can hear you thinking: "It's a shame if we make a big purchase and after a few camping trips it turns out that it doesn't really suit us."

That would indeed be a shame. That is why trying out a folding trailer is a sensible option. If you have camped with a camper before and are completely convinced of the advantages, this is of course not necessary. However, if you want to buy a car for the first time, then it is definitely recommended.

It is usually perfectly possible to rent folding trailers for a few days or a week. The car is then equipped with all necessities such as gas bottle, insurance, spare wheel and roadside kitchen. So you don't have to buy it in advance. Just as handy if you may have to decide afterwards that this is not your way of celebrating holiday. Try out the car and experience what it's like to camp in a camper van. If you absolutely love it, then it's obvious. Then the next step is to find and buy a car yourself.

For this reason, a folding trailer test is not a strange idea at all. At least then you know for sure what you are getting into. And that is never wrong.

Tip 2: Second-hand folding trailer

Of course I can't look into your wallet, but the purchase of folding trailers is often not cheap. Perhaps you have set aside money for it and the financial aspect is not an issue. Then you can take advantage of the benefits of a new car.

However, if that is not an option for you, you can opt for a second-hand folding trailer. The range is large and in general the cars are still in good condition. That way, too, you can enjoy the ultimate pleasure of camping and still have a bit of luxury for a great price.

Vuwwagen Marktplaats

Tip 3: Folding trailer marketplace

There is certainly a folding trailer for sale on the Marktplaats. A used folding trailer is not such a bad idea at all. Many people sometimes put their car up for sale after one or two years, because they are already ready for a newer model. There is a good chance that you will enjoy such an occasion folding trailer for many years to come. And it often makes a big difference in the price!

Tip 4: Folding trailer prices

Are you still wondering what you have lost if you want to buy a new camper? Now it is of course always a question of what exactly your wishes are. But for new folding trailers you should start from about 6000 euros. There are sometimes very competitive offers, so that you can even purchase a new car below this price, but usually 6000 euros is a bit of the target price. The price also depends on the brand you choose.

Tip 5: Folding trailer Jamet

Jamet is perhaps one of the best known brands in the folding trailer market. Folding trailer from Jamet therefore means absolute quality. The range is large and everything is possible in terms of models and nice extras. Consider, for example, inflatable cars.

Tip 6: Folding trailer Aart Kok

When you say Aart Kok, you know for sure that you are talking about sustainability. That is a top priority here. Aart Kok trailers are manufactured with an eye for detail and are a perfect solution for the so-called tent campers. Sleep well under a tent cloth, but then enjoy the comfort of a good bed.

This brand only uses cotton, because it ventilates, breathes, insulates and absorbs. Important aspects if you want to camp in a pleasant way.

A major advantage of Aart Kok's vehicles is that, if you purchase a camper van from them, you can always use their own service center. If there is something wrong with the car, you can come right back. In this way, the folding trailers last indefinitely and the repair can take place with original parts.

Tip 7: Folding trailer Cabanon

Another brand that I definitely want to mention is the Cabanon. Thanks to a handy frame system, these trolleys are quick and easy to assemble and store. In addition, you can always rely on solid quality with this brand. Another advantage is that with a Cabanon you can be sure that you will keep it dry. Even in very bad weather conditions. The design of these folding trailers ensures that the inside, and especially the beds are of course important, always remains dry.

Vouwwagen Cabanon

Tip 8: Holtkamper folding trailer

A real family business. And that for 80 years. At Holtkamper you can find new models, but also used cars. One of the models they sell is, for example, the Cocoon. This is very quick and easy to set up and you do not have to use pegs.

Tip 9: Alpenkreuzer folding trailer

When it comes to folding trailer brands, I should also mention the Alpenkreuzer folding trailer. The name somehow immediately gives a bit of a holiday feeling. The Alpenkreuzers have been out of the picture for a while, but luckily they are back now.

The latest models that are now on the market are made of high quality. Only the very best materials are used for this. This includes Ten Cate tent cloth, good beds with perfect slatted bases and zippers that run smoothly and last a long time.

All undercarriages of this make of folding trailers have brakes as standard and are fitted with excellent 13-inch wheels. The latest models guarantee a lot of camping convenience and can be set up in no time.


Tip 10: Camplet folding trailer

As a last brand I would like to bring the Camplet to your attention. Also a real winner when it comes to camping with a golden edge. This brand has a very long history and therefore knows best what is important when it comes to camping convenience. It has always been very important that the tents and campers can be set up with little effort and in a short time. Important pillars include functionality, design and quality.

Tip 11: Trailer tent or tent

Not quite sure yet? Will it be a folding trailer or tent? Whichever of these two you take, you'll be fine camping with it. However, there are quite a few differences to mention.

For example, consider the following:

  1. With a tent you often spend a little longer setting up.
  2. Air mattresses have to be inflated. While the beds with folding trailers are immediately ready.
  3. With folding trailers you immediately have a kitchen, with a tent that is not the case.

Are you going for a little more convenience and luxury? Then folding trailers might be better suited.

Tip 12: Advantages of folding trailers

If you read it that way, you might think: well, then I know. It won't be a tent, but a campervan suits us better. To give you an even better picture of folding trailers, I will list a number of advantages for you:

  1. A perfect compromise between a caravan and a tent. Still just a bit more camping than in a caravan, but certainly more luxury and comfort than with a tent.
  2. You benefit from a reasonable amount of living space. This can be very nice, especially with a family.
  3. You will sleep in a good bed every night. That is also worth a lot if you want to have a good holiday.
  4. The folding trailers actually fit behind every car. It does not matter whether the car is large or small.
  5. Much faster to set up than a large tent.
  6. Thanks to modern applications, it is ready almost as quickly as a caravan.
  7. You can drive folding trailers under 750 kg without a trailer license.

Tip 13: Set up the folding trailer faster

When we talk about setting up folding trailers, a lot has changed in recent years. In the past this could take quite some time, but with most folding trailers today it is a piece of cake. There are still some differences, so setting up also depends on the type of camper you choose. To not make it too complicated, I mention three types:

1: Symmetric folding trailer

With these cars you have two different sleeping areas that have to be folded over to the right and left of the car body. In addition, there are usually two bank cabinets. These are, especially with the older models, not too deep. The kitchen is generally in the awning. The symmetrical models have a car body with a hard lid or a tarpaulin.

2: Asymmetric folding trailer

These trolleys have a lid that has to be folded down in width or length. You can use the lid as a living area or as a sleeping area. That just depends on what you want. Sometimes it is the case with these models that you first have to unfold the car body before you can access the luggage. That can sometimes be a bit of a drawback. There are also models where you just lift the lid and the bed and then you can access your belongings directly. You can often purchase a roadside kitchen as an extra option. The lid is hard or made of plastic.

3: Lifting roof folding trailers.

These cars have a plastic lid that has to be raised. In this way it acts as a roof. A tent cloth is attached between the roof and the car body. These cars are almost always complete with kitchen, table and a few benches. For this reason, they sometimes almost resemble a caravan.

Tip 14: Folding trailer Combi Camp

When I'm talking about fast erectors, I should definitely also highlight the Combi Camp folding trailer. This car can really be set up by one person within a minute. No pegs or guy ropes are needed and you have a solid floor. The awning can also be set up within fifteen minutes.

Very characteristic of this type is the sleeping comfort. It is said that people in these trailer tents sleep even better than at home. Ventilation windows keep annoying mosquitoes out, but on the other hand they provide fresh air.

Also striking is the enormous storage space. Mainly under the beds. A good option if you want to camp quite luxuriously.


Tip 15: Folding trailer canvas

Because folding trailers consist for a very large part of tent cloth, it is important to pay attention to this.

When you economize on the canvas and think that it is not so important, you are running a real risk. The canvas is the most vulnerable part of folding trailers. In addition, the type of cloth is really important when it comes to a good living climate while camping in the car. It is therefore important not to economize on this and to ensure that the canvas is of good quality.

There are many different types of cloths. Look below at the main differences and features and consider what matters most to you:

PVA tent cloth

Polyvinyl alcohol is somewhat similar to cotton. It also has many of the same properties as a cotton cloth. Because PVA absorbs moisture to a large extent, you have less chance of condensation forming. And that is certainly not unimportant when you go for a good and healthy living environment. On the outside, a coating layer is often applied over the cloth. An advantage of this is that the cloth is much easier to clean. As a result, the cloth can breathe less well, which is a disadvantage.

Cotton tent cloth

With many trailer tents you will see that the tent canvas is made of cotton. This material has quite a few advantages. First of all, it is strong. In addition, it breathes and therefore lets some air through. Furthermore, it regulates the temperature to a certain extent. However, a disadvantage of this type of tent cloth is that it discolours quite quickly. It is also extra susceptible to fungi, weather spots, green deposits and other pollution.

Acrylic tent cloth

You will not come across this type of cloth very often with folding trailers. In itself, this cloth is very strong and it lasts a very long time. Furthermore, it will almost not fade in color. A disadvantage, however, is that the cloth absorbs virtually no moisture and is quite expensive.

Polyester cotton tent cloth (Technical cotton)

The ideal of this tent canvas is that the advantages of polyester and cotton are combined. Thanks to the presence of cotton, the indoor climate improves and the polyester makes the fabric stronger again. If you already know in advance that you usually go camping in the warmer countries, then cotton is highly recommended. With a synthetic cloth you will otherwise quickly suffer from a somewhat sultry atmosphere. If you mainly stay in the Netherlands, this problem will of course be less of an issue. Polyester cotton tent cloth is also more vulnerable than, for example, PVA.

Tip 16: Trailer tent specialist

Are you not quite sure which type of cloth is most useful in your situation? Not sure whether a folding trailer with a hard lid is something for you? You can always contact the folding trailer specialist. This expert answers all your questions. Don't keep worrying yourself, but feel free to drop by the trailer tent dealer. After all, that's what he's there for. Folding trailer hard cover? Cotton cloth? A drawbar or not? A clear answer is possible to all your questions. So that you can enjoy your camping holiday in the best possible way.

Tip 17: Trailer tent storage

Perhaps another point that you run into a bit. During the holidays you obviously put the camper on the campsite, but what do you do with the car for the rest of the year? Now this usually doesn't have to be such a big problem. Storing a folding trailer is in any case a lot easier than storing caravans. They are larger anyway and therefore require a larger space. Folding trailers almost always fit in a garage or in a somewhat larger shed. The trolley can also be placed in a space-saving manner by means of the so-called tilting brackets.

If you don't have a garage or a somewhat larger shed at your disposal, there are always other options for trailer tent storage. Parking facilities can be found all over the country. If you opt for this, please pay close attention to the conditions. The differences between the mutual storage companies are quite large. In any case, make sure you have a contract. Other important items include:

  1. Always provide covered parking. This will certainly extend the life of the car. Moreover, this way you also spend less time cleaning when you want to go camping again.
  2. Only put the car away when it is really clean. The cloth must be completely dry. You are probably not waiting for mold and other annoying problems. You will find useful tips here.
  3. If necessary, inflate the folding trailer tires a little higher in advance
  4. When you collect the vehicle again, check it carefully for any damage.

Tip 18: Trailer tent maintenance

Maintenance should certainly not be a neglected child with folding trailers. Surely you also want to go on holiday safely? Especially when driving long distances, regular maintenance is really indispensable.

During a service, it is especially important that the tires, brakes and axle are looked at. Most people will probably have to outsource the trailer tent maintenance. Or you have to be very handy yourself. It is highly recommended to have the maintenance carried out by a real professional. Proper maintenance can sometimes also affect the insurance. So definitely a point to take a good look at.

If the car is used a lot, it is certainly recommended to have the maintenance carried out every year. If you do not use the camper very frequently, maintenance could also be scheduled every other year.

Don't think just before your vacation that you still have to schedule an appointment for maintenance, because that is asking for trouble. The best time to perform maintenance is in the fall. You will probably not use the car anyway and it is therefore the least busy period. Just before the holidays, many garage companies are really busy.

Is a folding trailer repair necessary? Then have this carried out immediately, so that you can store the car completely. With a bit of bad luck you will otherwise have forgotten what had to be done at the start of the holiday season. And done is done.

Inspecting a folding trailer is not yet mandatory in the Netherlands, but regular maintenance is absolutely indispensable for your own safety.

The tires of folding trailers wear relatively quickly. If they are older than six years, it is recommended to replace them. Or you should really have them checked every year by a professional craftsman. As a result of dehydration, you can have hairline cracks in the tires. You can extend the life of the tires by putting the car in direct sunlight as little as possible.

Tip 19: Folding trailer driving license

Do you really need to get an extra driver's license now? Well, chances are this isn't necessary. Usually an ordinary B driving license is sufficient. This depends on the trailer weight. If the weight does not exceed 750 kilos, you can travel with your normal driver's license. If the car is heavier than 750 kilos, there is one exception.

If the permitted total mass of the car plus the car remains below 3,500 kilos, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you exceed this, a BE or B+ driving license is required. A registration trailer is also only necessary if the weight is higher than 750 kilos.

Tip 20: Folding trailer parts

Because folding trailers are usually quite complete, you may not need a lot of extra folding trailer parts. However, there are a number of accessories that can be nice. For example, what do you think of:

tiller box

This is a kind of large box that is mounted on the drawbar. Ideal when you want to take some extra stuff with you. You can also easily access it on the go. However, keep in mind that the whole thing does not become too heavy.


Folding trailers are still not caravans, so the toilet can sometimes be an issue. A handy solution can then be a portable cassette toilet. After all, it is not always clean at the campsite and especially when you take children with you on holiday, it is very handy to have a toilet nearby. A folding trailer with a toilet might make this way of camping even more attractive.

wheel clamp

Surely you shouldn't think that your holiday fun will be spoiled by theft? You won't be the first to have this happen. A wheel clamp is therefore a handy and efficient protection. The wheel clamp clamps the wheel and makes driving off completely impossible. A disadvantage can be that a wheel clamp is quite heavy and difficult to apply. But after a few tries, it will probably work.

Tilt brackets

Especially during storage, tilting a folding trailer is sometimes the most practical way. Tilting a folding trailer is very easy with a tilting bracket.

cool box

Always handy, especially for on the go.

Folding trailer kitchen

Most models have a kitchen unit as standard. If this is not the case, it is of course very useful to purchase one.

Folding trailer cover

Ideal for stable and long-term storage of the folding trailer. Make sure the tent is clean and dry.

Tip 21: Impregnate folding trailer

Because trailer tents largely consist of tent cloth, impregnating the trailer tent can be a good move. The advantage of this is that the vulnerable tent cloth lasts much longer and that you have less chance of dirt and mold. The canvas has been treated when you buy it, but I still advise you to protect the canvas extra.

As owner of Ultramar, the professional sail & tent laundry, I have seen a lot of tents pass by. In many cases the fungus had affected the canvas to such an extent that cleaning was no longer useful.

Manufacturers today have to deal with strict requirements in the field of safety and the environment. As a result, the protective coating is no longer sufficient. More about Impregnate folding trailer tent

Tip 22: Set up an inflatable folding trailer

Are you still a bit hesitant about setting up? Setting up a folding trailer is very quickly fixed with the current models. Perhaps it's even better to call it unfolding rather than setting up. That sounds very simple, doesn't it? Usually the frame can be unfolded in one go and then you only put the pegs in the ground for a while. With some models you can easily attach an awning. You can then easily inflate this awning. In this way a folding trailer is inflatable.

Tip 23: Pack the folding trailer

Have you pretty much got everything sorted out? Do you already feel like going camping? Now maybe think about packing the folding trailer. A number of tips can certainly provide a lot of convenience.

Folding trailer packing tips

  1. Use handy folding crates.
  2. Open the car first and then pack it up. A lot fits in there.
  3. Keep in mind any sticks that need to be taken along. They are best on the side.
  4. Bicycles can possibly be on top.
  5. A tiller box provides a lot of extra luggage space.
  6. The kitchen can be filled with pans and crockery.

Tip 24: Trailer tent forum

Especially when you go camping for the first time, a trailer tent forum can be very useful. After all, it's a bit of nonsense to invent everything yourself. Experienced campers often have very useful tips. You can also post all kinds of questions on the forum and often there is something you can do with all the answers.

25: Folding trailer club

If you have become completely addicted to folding trailers, then this club might be something for you. On a forum you sometimes come across people who are mainly critical, but at the trailer tent club you will find the real fans.

Some clubs have thousands of members. So that says a lot. All kinds of tips are exchanged among the members and if you ever have a question, you will certainly receive an expert answer here at the club. Fall weekends are also regularly organised. Members can then camp together, view each other's trailer tents and exchange experiences. Always handy for the next camping holiday.

Becoming a member of a club often costs only 10 euros per year and also offers several advantages. You can take advantage of great discounts at various camping shops and campsites.

Tip 26: Trailer tent tips

Finally, a few general trailer tent tips that will certainly help you make a profit:

  1. Set up the car immediately when you arrive at your destination
  2. Crates and folding lockers are very useful for luggage.
  3. Bring stools to use as separate tables.
  4. Purchase a drawbar.
  5. Sleeping bags are usually sufficient.

Tip 27: Buy a folding trailer? Some useful tips:

  1. Check carefully what is and is not included in the price.
  2. Try the beds out, because sleeping well is really important. Do not skimp on a good folding trailer mattress. Some people opt for a self-inflatable mattress in their car. You can then decide for yourself how hard or how soft you want the mattress.
  3. What kind of kitchen do you want? Super-deluxe or just very basic?
  4. Check the fabric for vents.
  5. Is there a warranty?

Tip 28: Is it difficult to drive a campervan?

Fortunately, this is very easy. It may take some getting used to at first, but after a while you'll drive like you've always done this. A few rules are just as good to take note of:

  1. Always keep a good distance from the predecessor. It's really bad to drive too close together. The braking distance is simply a lot longer than you are used to. If you opt for an overrun brake, this problem is less of a concern, but keeping your distance remains a requirement.
  2. Watch out for crosswinds, especially when you take bicycles on top of the car, for example.
  3. Just like with a caravan, you may not drive faster than 90 km/h on the highways in the Netherlands. In France and Austria you can go faster. The only question is whether that is so pleasant.

And now on the road with the folding trailer

Surely that's what it's all about, isn't it? First look for the most suitable folding trailer. Then make sure all accessories are together. Packing and everything that comes with it and then it's time to start the holiday.

Enjoy your holiday and make it something beautiful.

If you bring children with you, you will find that they absolutely love camping. Children often enjoy just setting up at home to try everything out. If you already have older children, they will probably want to help you too. It is really nice to set up the car at home once.

At the campsite, other people may be watching you and you want to go on a real holiday as soon as possible, don't you?

Long live the camping holiday!

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