Buy impregnation spray? 17 Tips!

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Impregneerspray kopen? 17 Tips!
Always use a good quality impregnating spray and apply it correctly. 17 tips!

Not so difficult, you might think. You may have one or more bottles in the garage. These types of sprays come in handy quite often. But did you know that many impregnating agents mainly consist of water? Or that a lot of solvents have been added? If you want real protection, buy a quality spray! With mainly active ingredients. A few tips for you at a glance!

Impregnation some kind of magic?

You could almost call it that. Impregnation prevents and solves problems. And I am mainly talking about the problem of dirt and water. It's such a shame that new furniture, clothing, and other items quickly become contaminated with grime. You are also disappointed if your new sofa is covered with stains within a few weeks?

Of course, grab a cloth or brush and gently dab the stain. Unfortunately, the result is not always something to write home about. Solution? Use a suitable spray with impregnating agent! What do you have to pay attention to? Take advantage of the 17 tips I mention.

Impregnation spray: how does it work?

A spray is very easy to use. It is a nice way to easily distribute the impregnating agent over the cloth. Impregnation protects surfaces against water and dirt. The impregnating agent prevents dirt from adhering to your tent cloth, your clothes, your sofa or the fibers of the carpet. The dirt doesn't get in, as it were, but stays on top of it. You understand that dirt is easy to remove in this way. This layer of impregnation is not visible.

Tip 1: impregnate spray furniture

Is your room a showroom? You probably answer this question in the negative. Furniture is there to be used. You will therefore not be the first to have to deal with stains on chairs, ottomans and sofas. Just an unexpected move and the sofa is one coffee stain richer. Practice shows that many stains are difficult to remove. Impregnation is therefore recommended.

What are the advantages of this:

  • Stain repellent
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Less discoloration due to UV light
  • colorless
  • Coffee stains, tea stains, oil stains, grease stains and wine stains are easy to remove by dabbing with a clean cloth
  • Furniture looks like new for longer

Tip 2: take into account the type of fabric: special impregnation spray fabric sofa

Do you have fabric furniture? Then use special protection for this material. It is handy that you can immediately apply the impregnation spray for a fabric sofa to, for example, lampshades, tablecloths and curtains. Is your sofa made of leather? Then choose a spray that is specifically suitable for this material. It is often stated on the packaging. (Don't forget the upholstery of a caravan, boat or car.)

Tip 3: impregnate the sofa yourself

You can have your sofa impregnated, but it is also fine to do it yourself. This job does not take much time and the benefits are enormous. Often it is just a matter of injecting. Read below why it is wise to treat the bank:

  • Better to keep clean
  • Looks like new for longer
  • Even resistant to grease, coffee and wine
  • Long-lasting protection

Tip 4: impregnate ski clothing

Clammy ski jacket? Of course you can't wait for that. Winter sportswear that feels clammy makes skiing less fun. There is a good chance that your winter sports clothing is no longer properly waterproof. If this is the case, use a good spray to impregnate.

Dirt can be another cause of outdoor clothing that feels clammy. There is nothing wrong with the watertightness in this case. The dirt prevents the clothing from breathing properly. As a result, it quickly feels clammy. What can you do? Clean the Gore-Tex clothing according to the washing instructions and then put it in the dryer. Or hang it against a stove. Chances are the problem will go away after that. Heat restores the protective coating.

Tip 5: impregnate new garments

Have you bought a new outfit for winter sports? Then I advise you to use a spray with impregnating agent. Why? Hasn't the manufacturer already applied a water-repellent layer? This is true in most cases, but an impregnation treatment is still valuable. Despite the water-repellent layer, ski clothing quickly becomes damp and clammy. Give an extra, preventive treatment and both the pants and the jacket feel comfortable for longer.

Tip 6: make winter sports clothing really waterproof

How does this work in practice now? Very easy! Use Ultramar Outdoor Gear Protector. This product has been specially developed for outdoor trousers and jackets. The water-repellent spray gives your clothes a new protective layer.

Curious about other benefits of this treatment?

  • Clothes last for years longer
  • Less chance of dirt and stains
  • Jackets and trousers are also windproof
  • Comfortable pants and jacket to wear

Tip 7: make and keep motorcycle clothing waterproof

Good motorcycle clothing is indispensable if you are an avid motorcyclist. A good motorcycle jacket is not cheap. It is therefore nice when you can use it for a long time. If you take good care of the jacket or pants, you will extend the lifespan considerably. Washing these clothes requires a specific approach. Therefore, read the washing instructions carefully.

A number of points of attention regarding the impregnation of motorcycle pants or jacket:

  • First wash, then impregnate
  • Leather motorcycle pants are fed by correct impregnation treatment
  • Water and dirt repellent again afterwards
  • Use a spray that is suitable for the material
  • Use impregnation spray for Gore-Tex, because this material requires a special treatment
  • The wrong spray can affect the breathability of Gore-tex
  • Also make the motorcycle gloves (again) waterproof by means of an impregnation treatment
  • Motorcycle boots are also eligible for treatment

Tip 8: don't choose cheap impregnation spray Action or Kruidvat

Sometimes life is expensive enough already. It certainly pays to cut back on different products. However, when it comes to impregnating utensils, I would strongly advise against that. If it sounds too good to be true, it often really is. At a number of stores you can be ready for a small amount, but do you have quality? Not in most cases. What good is an impregnating agent that mainly consists of water?

Tip 9: impregnate sailing clothing

If you want to impregnate your sailing gear, you expect a few things from this spray. After all, water sports clothing comes into contact with water and dirt a lot.

What can you count on after the treatment?

  • No discoloration
  • Oil resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Dries quickly
  • Your sailing equipment will breathe perfectly again
  • Completely waterproof

Tip 10: appropriate shoe spray for all your shoes

Shoes require their own specific approach. I can therefore not lump all shoes and boots together. The type of impregnating agent you use must match the material. An Outdoor Gear Protector works on all the following materials. This is due to the extremely high amount of active ingredients.

  • Leather shoes: leather is a natural product that breathes and is particularly strong and comfortable. However, proper care is extremely important. Regularly use shoe polish and/or a suitable shoe spray
  • Suede shoes: choose impregnation spray suede, because this is quite soft material and therefore extra susceptible to dirt and water. During a cleaning, first remove the dirt and then spray the footwear with a dirt-repellent shoe spray. After that they are once again well protected against dirt and water for the time being.
  • Nubuck: Nubuck is also a fairly soft material and therefore requires regular impregnation.

Tip 11: impregnating spray coat

Impregnation is especially recommended if you want your coat to last longer. Use the Ultramar spray for outdoor clothing and you will enjoy this piece of clothing for a long time to come.

Tip 12: impregnate cotton

With Canvas & Cotton Protector you impregnate your cotton tent in a good way. I will also tell you later why this is so important.
What steps do you follow?

  • cleaning tent
  • Let it dry
  • Apply impregnating agent
  • Let it dry
  • Repeat if necessary

Tip 13: impregnating spray wood

If you have beautiful wooden furniture, you will want to enjoy it for a long time. To prevent weathering and staining, use an impregnating agent.

The advantages of this are:

  • Wood is water-repellent
  • Stain repellent
  • Prevents weathering
  • Color of the wood remains the same
  • Also suitable for, for example, ship decks
  • Also consider fire retardant spray
  • Protection against algae and fungi

Tip 14: Impregnation spray boat hood and convertible

Sprayhood & Tent Protector is an ideal product to protect your tent, boat cover or convertible. Thanks to the water-repellent layer, algae, fungi and all kinds of dirt have less chance.

Tip 15: impregneerspray tent

Quite important, isn't it, that the tent is waterproof? Do you have a cotton tent? This material increases the sleeping pleasure. The same goes for linen and canvas. These natural fabrics breathe well. It is important that you impregnate regularly. It is best to use Ultramar Canvas & Cotton Protector for this material. If you treat your tent with this, the breathability is guaranteed to be preserved. Very pleasant for your night's sleep.

Do you have a polyester (front) tent? Then use Sprayhood & Tent Protector.


Tip 16: buy impregnation spray

This way you are somewhat aware of all kinds of objects that you can impregnate. Where do you buy a good spray now? And which impregnating agent really works perfectly?

Tip 17: choose Outdoor Gear Protector

This professional water-repellent spray can be applied to many materials. Order this professional impregnation spray on our website.

The benefits of this remedy include:

  • Don't seal the fabric
  • This allows condensation to escape well
  • Ideal for backpacks, clothing and shoes, among other things
  • Very strong protection against dirt, water, oil, etc.

You simply follow the following steps:

  • Clean the fabric first
  • Now let it dry well
  • Apply evenly. From top to bottom and from left to right. A thin layer is enough.
  • Finally let it dry