What are weather spots & how can you remove them?

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Wat zijn weerplekken & hoe kunt u ze verwijderen?

What are weather spots?

Weather spots - also called weather spots or 'the weather' - are dark spots on the canvas. It looks quite unappetizing: it is therefore a fungus. Fungi grow best in dark and moist places. Under the right conditions, mold doesn't need much to stay alive. Fungi feed on organisms from the air, water and even the surface of the cloth.

How do weather spots arise?

Mold arises from spores. These spores spread themselves very easily through the air. The moment a spore ends up in a suitable place, it expands. Weather spots therefore spread through the air. But also through (in)direct contact, for example through rainwater that runs past a weather spot to another part of the canvas.

Mold on tent cloth

Schimmel op tentdoek

Are weather spots harmful?

Fortunately, weather spots do not affect synthetic cloth. (It can affect the coating on that cloth). Unfortunately, this does not apply to natural fabrics. Think cotton canvas for a moment. The fungus eats the canvas, as it were, resulting in holes. But weather spots are not only a risk for the canvas. Mold is also harmful to your own health. Is there a lot of mold on the inside of the tent? Breathing can cause respiratory problems. That is why it is important to prevent weather spots on both synthetic and cotton cloths.

Can I also prevent weather spots?

Yes, weather spots can also be prevented. Because molds need moisture, they do not grow on dry and clean cloth. That is why good impregnation is an important means of prevention. Make sure your cloth is well impregnated, that will save you a lot of work!

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Boat cover with and without weather stains

Bootkap met en zonder weervlekken

The best way to remove weather spots for a long time

The best way to remove weather spots for a long time is to protect the cloth well. In this way, mold has much less chance of attaching itself to the cloth. And if there is some mold on the cloth, it is much easier to remove with water and a brush.

You protect the cloth with a strong impregnating agent!

To properly impregnate the cloth, make sure that the cloth of the boat cover is completely clean. Read here how to clean a boat cover.